August 2016 Book Haul

Hi guys!👋

I CANNOT believe that August is basically over. That is just INSANE! School for me starts on the 6th, and even though I am a bit nervous, I’m still super excited for new experiences, new friends, and new knowledge.

Anyway, in this post, I will be showing you guys all the books I bought, received, and borrowed this month. Hope you enjoy!😘

Bought at Indigo:


Borrowed from Indigo (thank you so much!😄)


ARC from Indigo (again, thank you so much!💜)


Received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review:


Be on the lookout for a review of The Homecoming soon! As for Boy to the World, I unfortunately didn’t finish it, so I won’t be posting a review of it on my blog. But you can still check out my Goodreads for my thoughts!

Borrowed from the library:


So there you go, all the books I got my hands on this month. So tell me, what books did YOU haul this August? Read any of these? Opinions? Let me know in the comments below.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Review

This review is in tribute to Gene Wilder, the lovely, talented man who played Willy Wonka in the original movie. Unfortunately, he passed away yesterday (August 29th, 2016). RIP 💔

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 1.17.12 PM.png

Hi everyone!

Before we get to the review today, I just wanted to tell you guys that I have been starting to volunteer at my local Indigo store! I have been able to shelve incoming books and I will be helping to set up some events in the near future. Thanks so much for the opportunity, Heather Reisman and everyone else at Indigo Headquarters!😊

About the book:


Title: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Author: Roald Dahl

Genre & Age Group: Classics, middle grade

Goodreads Synopsis:

Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory is opening at last!

But only five lucky children will be allowed inside. And the winners are: Augustus Gloop, an enormously fat boy whose hobby is eating; Veruca Salt, a spoiled-rotten brat whose parents are wrapped around her little finger; Violet Beauregarde, a dim-witted gum-chewer with the fastest jaws around; Mike Teavee, a toy pistol-toting gangster-in-training who is obsessed with television; and Charlie Bucket, Our Hero, a boy who is honest and kind, brave and true, and good and ready for the wildest time of his life!

Source: Public library

How I Found Out About It: Who doesn’t know about this book?😂


The movie for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been a childhood favourite for me, as it always makes me happy. If you know me, then you know how much I LOVE chocolate, and just seeing it all over the place during the movie just made me so hungry! So when I saw the book at my public library, I snatched it up, and ate up it like I do a KitKat! (Haha, not really, I just breezed through it very quickly😛)

For those who don’t know what this story is about, it revolves around a young boy named Charlie Bucket, who can only have chocolate once a year; on his birthday. Despite that, he really loves eating it, and will do anything to have just one more. His parents aren’t much help, and his grandparents are very weak, so they are always in bed. When it is announced that the famous Willy Wonka was to open up his factory to a few lucky kids, Charlie got so excited, and knew that he NEEDED to have more candy bars. The catch was that out of millions and millions of chocolate bars, only 5 of them had golden tickets that would enable him to visit the factory. Will Charlie be able to find a golden ticket, and visit the factory like he dreams to?

I really liked Charlie, and how determined he was. Even though he knew his family did not want him eating too much candy, he still risked everything to follow his dreams, and did not give up even after many ticketless chocolate bars. Though this isn’t always the ethical thing to do, I still really liked to see a character following his dreams. Charlie was such a well-behaved boy, and I knew that in the end, he definitely got what he deserved. (I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t read or seen it!)

I could see the good in all the other kids who got the golden tickets, but what I didn’t like was that they were pretty much portrayed as stereotypically bad kids. For instance, Veruca Salt as most people know is pretty selfish, and seems to want anything and everything of ever. As the reader, even though I could see that she was a determined person at heart, Dahl mostly wrote about her like she was stuck-up and cruel. This is not to say that characters can’t have their flaws, I’m just saying that their good side should be able to shine through, too. But after all, I think that’s just the fun of the story. Don’t let that make you weary of reading it, because the story is still amazing, super warm-hearted and fun!

Overall, I could easily visualize some of the scenes from the movie while reading this book, and nothing too much changed from book to movie. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was really witty and fun with very in-depth characters, and I could definitely see why it’s seen as a classic. I think anyone could read this and have a good time.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

The Netgalley Book Tag

Hi everyone!

Lynn @ Castle on the Sea has tagged me to partake in the Netgalley book tag. Thanks so much, Lynn!💞 Make sure to check out her awesome blog!

This tag was created by Kourtni @ Kourtni Reads. I love the questions (and Netgalley)! If you haven’t already, go check out her amazing blog as well, and my post on Netgalley tips and tricks.

So let’s get started!

The rules:

  • Link back to the tag’s creator (Kourtni Reads)
  • Thank and link back to the person who tagged you
  • Answer the questions the best you can. If you don’t use NetGalley, you can substitute other sites or places where you get books!
  • Tag a few people to do this too

Autoapproved: Who’s one author whose books you automatically want to read, regardless of what they’re about?


Morgan Matson for sure! I know I will always love her books, no matter what they’re about.

Request: What makes you want to request a book that you see on Netgalley?

I have to agree with Kourtni, I also think that the covers are what makes me interested in a book. If I like a cover, I’ll read the synopsis, and if it looks interesting and the guidelines on the publisher’s page apply to me, then I’ll request it.

Feedback Ratio: Do you review every book you read? If not, how do you decide what books to review?

I try my absolute best to always finish Netgalley ARCs and submit reviews for them on a timely basis. However, there was this one time when I just couldn’t get through a book, so I DNF’ed it. Even though I felt so bad, I only reviewed it (well, what I read) on Goodreads and not on my blog. I still feel guilty to this day😬.

Badges: If you could create your own badge to display on your blog, what would it be for?

I think I’d make myself a bookworm badge, because after all, I am one😛

Wish For It: What’s one book that you are absolutely dying to read?


REALLY want to read The Replacement Crush by Lisa Brown Roberts. It comes out on September 6th (the first day of school for me!) and I couldn’t be more excited! In case you didn’t know, it’s a YA romance book with a protagonist who is a book blogger, so I’m thinking she may be a potential new soulmate😄

2016 Netgalley Challenge: What was the last book that you received as an ARC that you reviewed? If you’ve never received an ARC, what’s the last book you reviewed?


My review for Katie Cox Goes Viral by Marianne Levy will be up on the blog on December 1st, but in the meantime, you can check it out on Goodreads here.

I tag…


So tell me! Do you use Netgalley? If so, how would you answer these questions? What’s a book you’re super excited for? Agree with any of my answers? Tell me in the comments below.

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The Olympic Book Tag

Hi everyone!

Now I know that the Olympics ended a few days ago, but Amanda @ My books opinion site has tagged me to do the Olympic book tag. Thanks, Amanda!💘 If you haven’t already, please go check out her awesome blog!

So let’s get started!
The Opening Ceremony- What book did you think had an incredible opening?


I think the opening of Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi was pretty cool as we got to learn about Juliette’s powers. It was a bit slow, but still so cool!

The Games- What is your favourite fictional competition?


I was going to say THG, but I think that’s a bit too obvious. Anyway, Tiny Pretty Things has a lot of drama and competition, and it’s a great book!

The Original- The modern games are based on the original Greek competition- what is your favourite book based on a classic?


I haven’t read many books based on classics, so I am going to say Cinder by Marissa Meyer, which is based on the classic fairytale of Cinderella. The rest of the Lunar Chronicles series is also based on different fairytales, and from what I’ve read, they are weaved together so well!

The Eternal Flame- What is one ship that you won’t let die, even after the books made it clear it wasn’t going to happen?

I don’t have one for this, so I’m going to pass, sorry!

Gymnastics- What’s a book that had so many twists and turns it left your head spinning? (in a good way)


Seriously. Plot twist after plot twist after plot twist.

The Controversial Judge- What’s a book that you have a totally different opinion on than most other people?


I didn’t love Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, like many other people did. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Beach Volleyball- What is your favourite fictional duo?


Sloane and Emily from Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson seemed like the ultimate duo! I completely ship their friendship👌

Weightlifting- What is the most massive book on your shelf?


The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan is so intimidatingly massive that I’m scared to read it.😂

Track & Field- What is a book that you just tore through with world record speed?


I finished Dreamology by Lucy Keating in about two hours WITH breaks, it was that amazing!

Synchronized Swimming- What is a book series that you kept reading, even though you didn’t have any idea why?

Honestly, I only finish book series I am interested in, so I’m going to skip this one for now. Sorry!

The Tortured Fan- What fictional family, group, nation, or organization do you irrationally rout for no matter how many times they break your heart?

I barely even know what this means… Skipping again.😐

Closing Ceremony- What book had an ending that just blew your mind?


No explanation needed!😏

I tag…

  1. Sheri @ Read in a Flash
  2. Teen Book Reviews 
  3. Ola @ OlaReadsBooks

As I say in all my tags, feel free to skip or do it if you want! It’s your choice👍

So tell me! Have you read any of these books? What were your opinions? Did you watch the Olympics? (I didn’t watch much, only some running🙊) What was your favourite event? Agree with my answers? Tell me in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜

Top Ten Thursday #17

Hi everyone!😊

For this week’s Top Ten Thursday, I will be listing ten books that I own, but haven’t felt like reading yet. Oops!🙊 Feel free to comment below if you spot one that you suggest I definitely read ASAP!


Here is my row of books on my bookhouse that I’ve yet to read. (Sorry, it’s a bit blurry.) Spot any favourites?😜[P.S. I have even more on my iPad😂]

Without further ado…

1.Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


I know, I know. Gape and gasp all you want, because I own a copy of Red Queen but haven’t read it yet! I just haven’t been in the mood for it, but I promise you I will read it soon.

2.Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll


(Sorry for the blurry picture) I’ve seen the new Through the Looking Glass movie and enjoyed it, so I know I need to read the book soon!

3.The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan


I’m not sure if I really want to read this one. This was originally my brother’s, but he wasn’t interested in it, so it was passed on to me. Maybe I’ll pick it up one day when I’m in the mood😆.

4.Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster


I think the fact that this is on my iPad is what’s keeping me from reading this. It does look like a great book, though!

5.Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen


I was supposed to buddy read this with a couple friends, but that didn’t end up happening, so I still have the book sitting unread on my iPad. I might read it sometime soon, as even though it’s outside of my comfort zone, it does look pretty interesting.

6.Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters


I barely even know what this book is or how I have it… anyone who’s read this is welcome to comment their thoughts below!⬇️

7.A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L’Engle


I read A Wrinkle in Time about 4-5 years ago when I was much younger, and I have to admit that I don’t remember much about it. I don’t know if I liked it very much. Thus, its sequel has been sitting on my shelf unread because I’d have to reread the first book, which I don’t really feel up to doing right now. Maybe someday🙈

8.Caught in the Crossfire by Alan Gibbons


This looks like a pretty good, diverse read centring around racism and the events of the 9/11 attack. I’ll read it soon!

9.Innocent by Eric Walters, My Life Before Me by Norah McClintock, & The Unquiet Past by Kelley Armstrong


These are all part of the Secrets series, made up of 7 books. 4 books down, 3 to go👌

10. A French Girl in New York by Anna Adams


I think the only reason why I haven’t read this is because it’s on my iPad, to be honest. Gah, I should start getting to my eBooks soon!

So tell me! Have you read any of these books? Opinions? Do you think I should read any of these books ASAP? What books do you own that you’ve yet to read? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜






Another Day Review

Hi everyone!

Now I know I did not review Every Day (my bad!), but I still feel like I have more to say about this companion book. Rest assured that this review will not include spoilers; as it is a companion book, NOT a sequel! Anyway…

About the book:18459855.jpg

Title: Another Day

Author: David Levithan

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, magical realism, romance, LGBTQ+, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

Every day is the same for Rhiannon. She has accepted her life, convinced herself that she deserves her distant, temperamental boyfriend, Justin, even established guidelines by which to live: Don’t be too needy. Avoid upsetting him. Never get your hopes up.

Until the morning everything changes. Justin seems to see her, to want to be with her for the first time, and they share a perfect day—a perfect day Justin doesn’t remember the next morning. Confused, depressed, and desperate for another day as great as that one, Rhiannon starts questioning everything. Then, one day, a stranger tells her that the Justin she spent that day with, the one who made her feel like a real person…wasn’t Justin at all.

In this enthralling companion to his New York Times bestseller Every Day, David Levithan tells Rhiannon’s side of the story as she seeks to discover the truth about love and how it can change you.

Here is also the synopsis for Every Day:

Every day a different body. Every day a different life. Every day in love with the same girl.
There’s never any warning about where it will be or who it will be. A has made peace with that, even established guidelines by which to live: Never get too attached. Avoid being noticed. Do not interfere.

It’s all fine until the morning that A wakes up in the body of Justin and meets Justin’s girlfriend, Rhiannon. From that moment, the rules by which A has been living no longer apply. Because finally A has found someone he wants to be with—day in, day out, day after day.

Source: Public library

How I Found Out About It: Goodreads


When I first picked this book up, I have to admit that I hadn’t read any reviews about it. I went in blind, and I did not really understand that this would be the exact same story as Every Day, but just in another character’s POV.

The two books are basically about a teenager named A, who switches bodies every day. A knows not to get too attached to anything and not to do anything that may ruin that person’s reputation, so life for A had been fine… until s/he becomes Justin. Justin has a girlfriend named Rhiannon, whom A falls in love with while in his body. Will A and Rhiannon be able to bond, despite A changing into different bodies every day? (As I mentioned, this book is the same story, except it is told from Rhiannon’s POV.)

Okay, so this book was so boring and dull! I felt like it was really unnecessary to have written it. I was really disappointed, as I absolutely DEVOURED Every Day.

This book adds pretty much nothing onto the story except for numerous scenes with Rhiannon and Justin, without involving A. I have to say, they were pretty useless. It even repeats some of the emails between Rhiannon and A in the exact same words, or at least from what I remember. Why write a companion book if you’re just going to copy and paste half the text from the original?  Easy answer, just don’t. People would get bored easily. You’ll save lots of paper, and money.

Ugh, Rhiannon was such a dull character! I felt like I could always see right through her. She was accepting of A, but I still found her to be kind of stubborn and whiny. I was also not a fan of her relationship with Justin, as he wasn’t giving her the time of day, yet she still clung on to him.

I would’ve said this if I had written a review for the original book, but A is such a complex character! A is caring and kind, and always seems to know the ethical things to do and say. Despite A switching bodies every day, A really makes the best out of their life, as well as the lives of the people they’re in that day. I mean, A once woke up in a suicidal girl’s body, and s/he got help for her, so she could potentially get stopped. Isn’t that amazing?! I LOVE how nice A is, and to tell you the truth, I’d rather have read another book from their POV rather than Rhiannon’s.

For fans of Every Day, I’d recommend that you skip this one. It’s basically the same book, except there’s a different cover and POV. I appreciate David Levithan’s efforts in giving us more of the story, but we didn’t really ask for this.

But if you haven’t read Every Day, I’m sure you’d love this book! I pinky-promise you won’t be confused. The concept is just so cool, and A is a great character.

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

The Reader Confession Tag

Hi everyone!

Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger has tagged me to take on the Reader Confession Tag. Thanks so much, Jessica!😊If you haven’t already, please go check out and perhaps follow her blog, it’s awesome!

Hence the title, I will be sharing all of my bookish confessions. Hope you guys enjoy!🙊

1. Have you ever damaged a book?

Besides from reading some already worn-out books with pages falling out, I think I’m safe to say that I haven’t, unless there’s a time I did when I was little which I don’t remember. Fingers crossed that this doesn’t get jinxed!


2. Have you ever damaged a borrowed book?

Again, I have read some library books with pages falling out, but I don’t think that really counts as damaging them, as they were already worn out. So, I guess not!

3. How long does it take you to read a book?

To be honest, it usually takes me 1-2 days to finish a book. I know, I’m fast!🙊

4. Books that you haven’t finished?


It’s pretty rare for me to not finish a book, but these ones just did not do it for me! Sorry if you liked them.😣

5. Hyped/popular books you didn’t like only thought were OK?

I didn’t dislike any popular or hyped books per se, but here are just some that I didn’t love. Again, sorry to any fans of these books!


6. Is there a book you wouldn’t tell anyone you were reading?

No, probably not. I take pride in what I read, and I don’t think I’d read anything I’d be ashamed of.

7. How many books do you own?

Physical books: Including the picture books I used to read when I was little, maybe around 250? I don’t even know, I don’t have the time to count right now, but I’m guessing around that number.

Digital books (on my iPad): 13

8. Are you a fast or slow reader?

I think I’d consider myself to be pretty fast, but I will be slower if I’m not really feeling the book, or if I’m super busy. It all depends😛

9. Do you like to buddy read?

I actually don’t know, as I’ve never tried it before. I would like to, though, so feel free to comment down below if you’d like to buddy read with me!

10. Do you read better in your head or out loud?

I DEFINITELY read better in my head, as I’m better (and faster) able to process the words.

11. If you were only allowed to own ONE book, what would it be and why?

Ugh, I hate these types of questions! But I guess maybe Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson? (It’s AMAZING.)


I tag……

  1. Ellen @ Ellen’s Bookshelves
  2. Becca @ Shih Tzu Book Reviews
  3. Zezee @ Zezee with Books
  4. Emma @ The Bookish Underdog
  5. Stephanie @ TeacherofYA

As I’ve said in all my tags, feel free to participate if you’d like to, and if you don’t feel like it or you’ve already done it, no harm done👍. I’d love to see your answers, though!

So tell me! Do you agree with any of my answers? How many books do YOU own? Would you like to possibly take on a bit of buddy reading with me? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜



ARC Review: Taking The Reins

About the book:30621558.jpg

Title: Taking the Reins

Author: Katrina Abbott

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, romance, young adult, middle grade

Goodreads Synopsis:

Brooklyn Prescott (if that’s even her real name) is the new girl at The Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence, now that she’s moved back to the States after two years living in London. Rosewood, a boarding school for children of the rich and famous and known for its celebutantes, is missing just one element important to any junior’s education: boys. But luckily for Brooklyn, and the rest of the Rosewood girls, there’s a boys’ boarding school, The Westwood Academy, just a few miles away.

On her very first day, Brooklyn meets Will, a gorgeous and flirty boy on campus to help with move in. But is he who she thinks he is? And what about Brady, the cute stable boy? Or Jared, the former child actor with his grown-up good looks who can always make her laugh? As Brooklyn settles in at Rosewood, she’s faced with new friends, new challenges and new opportunities to make herself into the girl she always wanted to be. Whoever that might be.

Taking The Reins is the first installment of The Rosewoods, an exciting new Young Adult series for readers who love fun, flirty love stories.

Source: Thanks so much to Over The Cliff Publishing for providing me with an e-ARC of this book via Netgalley!

How I Found Out About It: Netgalley


Taking the Reins was a pretty cute and simple story, and is the perfect contemporary to pick up during the summer. It’s fast, light, and short, and it checked all the boxes for a good novel!

This is basically about a teenage girl named Brooklyn, who moves back to USA after living in England for a couple years. She begins to attend a new all girls boarding school called Rosewood Academy, which boasts many celebrities’ children and kids from wealthy families. The school may be missing boys, but just around a corner is the school where they are housed, which is called Westwood Academy. Will Brooklyn be able to face the challenge of being the new girl at a boarding school, and also find a boy (or three) with whom she bonds?

I found that Brooklyn was a very open-minded and sweet girl. Many characters I read about would probably be very whiny and close-minded about going to the boarding school, but not her! She always seemed to be able to go with the flow and be relaxed, and she was basically just really agreeable. Brooklyn was also very wise; and weighed the pros and cons of all the boys she could potentially invest her time in. I’d definitely want to read more about her and follow her adventures!

Emmie, her roommate, was AWESOME. Brooklyn almost got stuck with a mean, nasty girl as her roommate, but luckily Emmie came and saved the day! When Brooklyn wanted to give up her hard task of doing huge loads of laundry every morning, Emmie was the first to stand up and say she wanted to do it instead, just so Brooklyn could be part of the horseback riding team. Is that not the nicest thing ever? Overall, she was just a super nice girl, and I definitely ship her and Brooklyn’s loyal friendship. I believe that they will stay friends without conflicts for a long time, but I guess I’ll see for sure once I read the next book(s).

Now for the boys! First, there was Will, who helped Brooklyn move in, Brady, who works at the horse stables, and Jared, who was a famous actor as a kid. I honestly liked Brady the best, as he seemed pretty loyal and charming. I think Will just seemed a little bit mysterious and iffy, and I basically got to read absolutely zilch about Jared until maybe the last 10-20 pages of the book. So, with that being said, I can’t really comment about him.😬I guess that’s being left for the next book?

The only thing I didn’t like about this book is the ending (yeah, yeah, I know I say this a lot!). I feel like it was super rushed and not really wrapped up enough, and it made me question a lot of things.

Let me just tell you that even though this book is classified as young adult, I believe that middle graders can also read it. The writing style is appealing and easy to read, and everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is super light-hearted.

Overall, this was a pretty sweet and relatable story about being the new girl at school. It was a little bit unoriginal and cliche, but I still really liked it. Anyone wanting a fast (in both senses) and light-hearted story with great characters about a boarding school is welcome to dive right in!

Rating: 4/5 Stars

*I received a digital ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*


Everything, Everything Review

About the book:18692431.jpg

Title: Everything, Everything

Author: Nicola Yoon

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, romance, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

My disease is as rare as it is famous. Basically, I’m allergic to the world. I don’t leave my house, have not left my house in seventeen years. The only people I ever see are my mom and my nurse, Carla.

But then one day, a moving truck arrives next door. I look out my window, and I see him. He’s tall, lean and wearing all black—black T-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers, and a black knit cap that covers his hair completely. He catches me looking and stares at me. I stare right back. His name is Olly.

Maybe we can’t predict the future, but we can predict some things. For example, I am certainly going to fall in love with Olly. It’s almost certainly going to be a disaster.

Source: Bought from Indigo

How I Found Out About It: Goodreads



In other words, I LOVED this book. I could not put it down! Seeing all the hype it was getting and what it seemed to revolve around, I could tell from the get-go that this book would be just too good.

For a brief summary, Everything, Everything centres around an 18-year old girl named Madeline, who is said to have an extremely rare disease called severe combined immunodeficiency, thus is pretty much unable to leave her house. If she does, she could get really sick- to the point where it could get life-threatening. When she oversees new neighbours moving in, she notices Olly, a boy who is around her age. She really wants to get to know him in person, but her disease unfortunately prevents her from doing so. Despite this, she gets on IM with him, and they form a special bond from there. But there are definitely risks to their relationship… are they ones that they’d be willing to take?

Let me start by saying how much I adored the formatting of this story. It’s not just simple writing- there are IMs, emails, letters, illustrations, and even more to add to the awesomeness of the book. I felt like all of that additional stuff really made the book super unique, as most books I read just have paragraph after paragraph after paragraph.

The characters of this book were extremely well thought out and amazing! Firstly, Maddie, our protagonist, is quite the fighter! In spite of her mom’s and nurse’s demands to stay in her house, she is not afraid to do… well… a little “exploring.” She knew the risks that it could lead to, but she didn’t let that get in the way of just savouring life. She was also such a sweet girl, and I really felt bad for her as she went through so much. Maddie totally did NOT deserve it!

Next up is Olly. He was awesome, guys. Though he’s not really the type of guy I’d classify as a fictional crush, I still think he was a super nice, accepting, loyal and determined guy. Even though he knew about Maddie’s condition, he did not let that keep him from loving her as much as he possibly could. The world NEEDS more Ollies, that’s for sure!

Now let’s take a moment to appreciate all the awesome plot twists in this book. If I were to try to predict something that was going to happen, I would always be wrong. Though it wasn’t a mystery story, it definitely had me guessing!

Okay, the ending… I REALLY don’t want to spoil it, but… it was, let’s say UNEXPECTED. It seriously made me gape. Ugh, now all I want to do is just want to rant and rave about it!

The diversity was also great. Maddie wasn’t one, but TWO distinct races. She was half African American and half Japanese, which is just awesome!

I’d recommend this book to any teens wanting a diverse story, tons of plot twists, great morals, and a lovely romance, all tied into one. This one is just for you, guys! PLEEEEEASE read it. It will absolutely amaze you.

Rating: 5/5 Stars


Top Ten Thursday #16

Hi everyone!

I know school is starting up for some you guys soon, if it hasn’t already. Mine starts in about 3 weeks, on September 6th. I couldn’t be more excited, despite how many people say they dislike school.

Anyway, hence this, I wanted to give you guys a list of books that centre around school, most particularly middle or secondary. These tackle many issues that happen at school such as academic and peer pressure, bullying, popularity, romance, and more.

So let’s get on with it!😊


  1. 10866233.jpg

The List by Siobhan Vivian follows the POVs of eight girls, two from each year of high school, whose names were put on a list that classifies them as the prettiest or ugliest girl in their grade. Since it focuses on 8 different girls, there’s a bundle of different issues looked upon in this book.

2.  9026498.jpg357936.jpg563322.jpg 1030285.jpg7092449.jpg

The Winnie Years series by Lauren Myracle is great for middle schoolers! I have only read the first three books, but I have to say that they are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for 8-12 year olds wanting a relatable protagonist in a realistic atmosphere.

3.  5711662.jpg

Touch by Francine Prose is a bit unmemorable, if I do say so myself, because I don’t really remember much that happened. Anyway, this is a good read which I would recommend to high schoolers.

4.  9583157.jpg

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates is a good one for pre-teen boys, as it covers many issues that may happen in middle school, along with a funny and cool protagonist. It also has a ton of pictures, which I think most of them would prefer over a novel full of words.

5.  23502050.jpg

100 Days by Nicole McInnes is honestly a beautiful book which releases on August 23rd, just in time to get yourself pumped up for school! It is about three friends who bond over their issues, and it mostly takes place in their high school. Press/click the cover for my review!

6.  301022.jpg516182.jpg5819551.jpg23384380.jpg

E. Lockhart’s The Boyfriend List series is about a super relatable girl, Ruby Oliver, who may seem like a normal teenager to most, but deep down she experiences some of the same high school fears that most teens do, and even more. I have only gotten the chance to read the first book, so I hope to get my hands on the next three soon!

7.  29772846.jpg

How to Keep a Boy From Kissing You by Tara Eglington is a light-hearted high school story, about a girl named Aurora who is cast in a school play with Hayden, a boy whom she doesn’t like, and if all goes as planned, they will have to kiss- which Aurora really doesn’t want. You can find out more of my thoughts in my review, which will be up in October!

8.  22444090.jpg

True Colors by Krysten Lindsay Hager is a book about, well, finding your true colours! Haha, it’s actually about a middle school girl named Landry who leads a pretty normal life, that is, until she is chosen to be a model. This story covers many topics such as bullying, popularity, and simply loving yourself.

9.  22522076.jpg

The Truth Commission by Susan Juby is a very interesting and unique high school story. It focuses on a ton of topics, and is perfect for anyone just wanting a glimpse of what high school is like.

10.  18691023.jpg22638095.jpg27209110.jpg

Now lastly, here is a great book series written by the super-famous and fabulous teen star Bella Thorne! As she herself is fairly young, these books (or at least the first two, I haven’t yet read the third one) are a very realistic portrayal of teens nowadays. DEFINITELY pick up this series!

So there you have it, my top ten picks that take place at school, covering many things kids often experience! Hope you enjoyed.💘

So tell me, have you read any of these books? If so, what were your opinions? What other books have you read that take place in middle/high school? Tell me in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜