October 2016 Book Haul

Hi everyone, and happy Halloween to those celebrating!🎃

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe October is over already, it flew by!

Anyway, today I will be sharing all the books I got my hands on this month. All reviewed books will be linked.

Without further ado…

Borrowed from the library:


Received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review:


So tell me, have you read any of these books? Opinions? What books did YOU get your hands on this month? Let me know in the comments below.

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Sunshine Blogger Award 5.0


(Graphic isn’t mine, I give credit to the creator)

Hi everyone!👋

Guess what?! I’m back with yet another Sunshine Blogger Award nomination, my fifth one, to be exact! Thanks so much to the amazing Lena @ bookfandom1001 for the tag!❤️She is rather new to blogging, and I suggest you check out her site for awesome book reviews, lists, and tags.

Here are the rules (which if you’ve been reading all my other Sunshine Blogger Award posts, you’ll probably have memorized by now😂)

Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog. 

Answer the eleven questions sent by the person who nominated you

Nominate eleven five new blogs to receive the award and write them eleven new questions

List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog

Now for Lena’s questions:

Who’s your favourite YouTuber and why?

I honestly don’t watch a lot of YouTube, but sometimes when I’m utterly bored, I’ll watch Bart Baker parodies. They can get super funny, and even though they’re sort of mean to their actual artists, I love them!😂😂Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 11.41.33 AM.png

Do you prefer hardback or paperback?

I actually really like both for different reasons, but I think I prefer reading from a paperback book. They’re just lighter and easier to carry around, not to mention that they fit way better on my bookshelf!

How old were you when you started reading?

I was actually the ripe old age of 18 months when I started reading. When I started kindergarten at age 4, everyone was only just learning to read, while I, on the other hand, was practically reading chapter books. I was basically addicted to reading, and would pick up and devour book after book after book.

What character in a book do you hate and why?


(Graphic from Google, I give credit to the creator)

I really dislike Queen Levana from the Lunar Chronicles. She is just so evil, but then again, I haven’t read Fairest yet, which is her backstory as to why she is the way she is.

Which do you prefer: audio or a book, and why?

Books all the way! I haven’t tried an audiobook yet, and I don’t think it would hurt to, but I’d probably lose interest quickly, and why listen to a story and possibly doze off when you can have it right in the palm of your hand with a book?

What is your annoying book habit?

One of my most annoying book habits is that if I don’t finish a book within a 3-day time period, I freak out! I am trying to chill out about this, but it can sometimes get hard when you see other bloggers finish two or more books a day!

What is your favourite book series?

I’ve answered this before, but I’ll answer again. My favourite series would probably have to be The Selection by Kiera Cass, despite all the controversy surrounding it. I just loved the drama and everything, and in spite of all the complaints, I actually didn’t mind America.


What genre do you love and why?

My favourite genre is YA contemporary, but lately I’ve been getting more into sci-fi and dystopia. I like contemporary stories because I find them easier to relate to and learn about possible real-life scenarios and how they are dealt with, but I like sci-fi as well, since it’s kind of cool to learn about life in a different type of world, and the sacrifices that one small change could bring.

How many books have you read?

On my Goodreads, it says that I’ve read 276 books. (Feel free to add me here!❤️) However, I have probably read a lot more, because I haven’t added the hundreds of books I read when I was younger, such as picture books and series like Junie B. Jones. So to be honest, I have no idea how many books I’ve actually read. Maybe around 1000?😶

What book did you like more than the movie and why?

I haven’t seen many book-to-movie adaptations, and I can’t really think of an answer to this question right now. Sorry, but I’m going to pass today, but I may come back to it if I think of something.

If you could be friends with one author, who would it be, and why?

Excellent question! I haven’t really thought about this before. I guess I’ll have to say Jenny Han, author of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. I follow her on Instagram, and she seems to travel to a lot of cool places, as well as bake delicious treats. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that?!


My questions…

  1. If your region is currently in spring, what are you doing this summer? Or if not, what did you do this past summer?
  2. How many physical books do you own?
  3. Under what circumstances would you DNF a book?
  4. What was the last movie you saw in theatres? Did you enjoy it?
  5. What are your favourite and least favourite things about blogging?
  6. Tell me a teaser sentence from the book you’re currently reading!
  7. What device do you use to write your blog posts (computer, phone, etc.)?
  8. Tell me a little known fact about you that no other bloggers know.
  9. If you could travel anywhere in the world right this instant, where would you go, and why?
  10. What song is stuck in your head right now? (if any)
  11. Give a shoutout to 5 awesome bloggers, and spread the love like confetti!😊

I nominate…

  1. Alda @ A Wave of Books
  2. Chloe @ Paints and Butterflies Books
  3. Yasmin @ read books and drink coffee
  4. Emma @ thebookbrief
  5. Lilah @ Lilah’s Bookshelf

Feel free to pass up on this if you’d like, it’s really no problem.👍I’d love to see your answers, though!😄

So tell me, what would be your answers to my or Lena’s questions? Any answers you’d (dis)agree with? If you could be friends with an author, who would it be? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜

The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love Review

About the book:


Title: The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love

Author: Sarvenaz Tash

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, romance, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Archie and Veronica. Althena and Noth.…Graham and Roxy?

Graham met his best friend, Roxy, when he moved into her neighborhood eight years ago and she asked him which Hogwarts house he’d be sorted into. Graham has been in love with her ever since.

But now they’re sixteen, still neighbors, still best friends. And Graham and Roxy share more than ever—moving on from their Harry Potter obsession to a serious love of comic books.

When Graham learns that the creator of their favorite comic, The Chronicles of Althena, is making a rare appearance at this year’s New York Comic Con, he knows he must score tickets. And the event inspires Graham to come up with the perfect plan to tell Roxy how he really feels about her. He’s got three days to woo his best friend at the coolest, kookiest con full of superheroes and supervillains. But no one at a comic book convention is who they appear to be…even Roxy. And Graham is starting to realize fictional love stories are way less complicated than real-life ones.

Source: Public library

How I Found Out About It: Blogging


The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love was such an adorable, quick story, and it made me smile so much!😄 I’d heard a tiny bit about it before I picked it up, and it was all good. Thus, when I saw it happily on display at my public library, I decided to give it a read. I have to say, I was very impressed with what I saw!

For a quick summary, this book revolves around 16-year old comic fanatic Graham. He’s known his best friend Roxy for years, but he has a secret- he’s actually also been in love with her for that long. Because the creator of Graham’s favourite comic book series was going to be at the New York Comic Con, he decides to go, and as well, decides that it’s time to admit his feelings for Roxy. Will Graham be able to succeed, as well as meet his idol?

Graham was quite a humorous character, and I could easily find him cracking jokes and just looking to the bright side of things. He had a very bright mind, as well, and his creativity really showed through when he made a special plan to admit his feelings for Roxy. I love positive characters, and there honestly isn’t enough of them! Can Graham become one of my new book crushes?😍🙏

Unlike Graham, Roxy didn’t really stick out to me. As I’m writing this, I finished the book two days ago, and I can barely remember much about her. I guess she was okay, though.

That ending, though!😱 THAT was unexpected. Oh gosh, I really want to spoil and rant about it, but I know it wouldn’t be fair to you guys, as this book is a brand new 2016 release that not too many people have picked up yet. (But I SO hope they do!❤️)

All in all, this story had all the fluff you could possibly get from a young adult contemporary book. Yes, some parts did disappoint me, and the supporting characters just weren’t as memorable as the protagonist, but that didn’t really ruin the book for me. So, for those who love comic books and would like to read about a fellow fanatic, and also would like a great, funny protagonist, don’t miss this one! It’s awesome!😊

Rating: 4/5 Stars

A Thousand Pieces of You Review

About the book:


Title: A Thousand Pieces of You

Author: Claudia Gray

Genre & Age Group: Science fiction, dystopian, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

Cloud Atlas meets Orphan Black in this epic dimension-bending trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Claudia Gray about a girl who must chase her father’s killer through multiple dimensions.

Marguerite Caine’s physicist parents are known for their groundbreaking achievements. Their most astonishing invention, called the Firebird, allows users to jump into multiple universes—and promises to revolutionize science forever. But then Marguerite’s father is murdered, and the killer—her parent’s handsome, enigmatic assistant Paul— escapes into another dimension before the law can touch him.

Marguerite refuses to let the man who destroyed her family go free. So she races after Paul through different universes, always leaping into another version of herself. But she also meets alternate versions of the people she knows—including Paul, whose life entangles with hers in increasingly familiar ways. Before long she begins to question Paul’s guilt—as well as her own heart. And soon she discovers the truth behind her father’s death is far more sinister than she expected.

A Thousand Pieces of You explores an amazingly intricate multi-universe where fate is unavoidable, the truth elusive, and love the greatest mystery of all.

Source: Public library

How I Found Out About It: Blogging


To be honest, despite that gorgeous cover, this book didn’t really appeal to me at first, as it seemed kind of violent and a bit too action-packed for my liking.

As I am now an avid fan of sci-fi books, I decided to finally check this one out, and I totally don’t regret it! It was so cool, and it had quite a unique premise that many other sci-fis sometimes seem to miss.

A Thousand Pieces of You centres around Marguerite, who has inventors for parents. They have created the intricate and pretty awesome Firebird; which can be used to hop into different dimensions. Unfortunately, when her father is killed, Paul, the murderer, jumps into a different universe before he can get caught. So, Marguerite decides to chase Paul into all the different dimensions using the Firebird, and from that, she literally gets to know all her acquaintances on a whole new level. Will she be able to catch Paul, and punish him for his sins? And why did he kill Marguerite’s father, and is there more truth behind it?

Marguerite wasn’t my favourite character at first, to tell you the truth. Sure, she had just experienced a very traumatic loss, but she still complained a lot, and to her, she never seemed to be getting her way. But she developed a lot as the book went on, as she became a very strong and powerful young woman, capable of things you could only dream of after such a terrible loss. It takes guts to chase after your father’s murderer, and as shown by her actions, Marguerite definitely had those. I know I probably wouldn’t risk chasing Paul, and I also think that other readers could really look up to Marguerite as a brave, strong female lead.

Ugh, the love triangle🙅. It involves Marguerite and two of the main characters, and I have to say, it gets quite annoying at times, especially since I don’t think she meshed very well with either guy! I honestly think this book would have been better off without it, but that’s just my opinion.🙊

All in all, this book was super unique and interesting, and I look forward to reading the next two books in the trilogy. Even though I didn’t get a kick out of the romance love triangle, I’m thinking that it may develop a little more in the next books, and cause me to be more fond of it. I’d recommend this story to anyone looking for a super cool concept, a great female lead, and fabulous writing, because I know that you will love A Thousand Pieces of You!😄

Rating: 3.75/5 Stars

Top Ten Thursday #25

Hi everyone!👋

Today I wanted to list some books that are very fast reads, mostly under 300 pages, so if you ever just want to get a book in or plan on participating in a read-a-thon, these books would be perfect choices!

Without further ado…



Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick is about 270 pages long, and I was able to read it in about an hour. It’s honestly an amazing story jam-packed into a small amount of pages, so I’d highly recommend it!



The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith is around 240-250 pages long, and it was adorable! If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do ASAP!



The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky has been one of my favourites ever since I read it in an evening in September. It’s about 200 pages, so anyone looking for a short, not to mention fabulous read should be the friend of Charlie, and pick up Perks!



I didn’t love The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood, which totally boggles me because I love math and science. Any who, it’s around 300 pages, so if you don’t mind a quirky writing style and heavy mentions of math and science, then I’m sure you’ll adore this one!



This is a graphic novel, but I wanted to include it, because why not? El Deafo by Cece Bell was quite an amazing story, and better yet, it’s basically a memoir from the author’s own life. It’s around 230-240 pages, so I would highly recommend that you pick this one up, whether you’re a fan of graphic novels or not.



The Boyfriend List and all the other books in the Ruby Oliver series by E. Lockhart are around 200 pages in length. The two I’ve read are very cute, and I found Ruby quite easy to relate to.



Hey, I haven’t mentioned this one in a while! Sean Griswold’s Head by Lindsey Leavitt is one of the cutest, fluffiest contemporaries out there, and it’s just under 300 pages, so it’s perfect!😊



The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is just under 200 pages, but despite the fact that it’s tiny, an amazing story is embedded into it. I’d recommend that all teens pick it up!



I personally really liked Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, in spite of all the controversy in the blogging community. It’s just approaching 300 pages, so if you haven’t read this one yet, what are you doing?!



Last but not least, one of my ALL-TIME FAVOURITESBlindsided by Priscilla Cummings! It weighs in at around 240 pages, so I highly suggest that after you finish reading this post, you run to your local bookstore or library, take this book, and whip it up in a day!

So tell me, have you read any of these books, or are you planning to? Opinions? Any short books under 300 pages you’d recommend? How do you feel about shorter books? Tell me in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜

ARC Review: The Secrets We Kept

About the book:


Title: The Secrets We Kept

Author: Lily Velez

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, romance, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

One year. That’s how long it’s been since childhood sweethearts Sully Graham and Cadence Gilbertson broke up, since one adoption and one out-of-state move turned their worlds upside down.

Suddenly, Cadence is back in New York City, but something’s different about her. The light in her eyes, the music in her laughter, the warmth in her smile—all of those things have entirely vanished. In their place stand the makings of a girl Sully can’t even begin to recognize, much less understand.

Still, despite the collective history of heartbreak between them, he’s convinced he can win her trust again, and he’s committed to proving the invincibility of their love no matter what it takes.

But Cadence is quietly harboring secrets of her own. Dark secrets. Ugly secrets. Secrets that could break a person. And though broken herself and unbearably lonely, she’s determined to protect Sully from her terrible, biting truths. Even if it means locking him out of her life forever.

The only problem is it seems her heart hasn’t quite received the memo. One glimpse of him is all it takes for her to trip into familiar (and, she’ll admit, addictive) feelings that threaten to all but consume her. Now her biggest fear is that her secrets will begin to slowly unravel one by one…long before Sully’s resolve ever does.

The Secrets We Kept is a moving story about first love, friendship, and forgiveness, and the enduring bonds that forever connect us and give us our strength.

Source: Thanks so much to Blue Typewriter Press via Xpresso Book Tours for providing me with an e-ARC of this book via Netgalley!

How I Found Out About It: Netgalley


I have to admit, I was totally attracted to that cover when I requested this book. Just LOOK at it! It’s a stunner, and it’s super artsy, as well. I have also always wanted a glimpse into the foster system, and what it’s like for teens. Thus, I expected good things from this story, and that’s what I got!

The Secrets We Kept revolves around the dual-POVs of teens Sully and Cadence. They were both in the foster system, which got them together, but unfortunately, Cadence’s move had forced them to break up. As luck would have it, Cadence ends up moving back near Sully, but she is quite different; and it’s hard for him to place his finger on what’s changed. In spite of that, Sully still knows that he can make things work between them, and pick up where they left off beforehand. Cadence, though, is hiding some secrets, BIG ones, ones that can threaten the two from getting together. Will the two be able to hit it off without Cadence’s secrets slipping out, and ruining their relationship?

The characters of this book are very well-developed, and I felt like I could connect with them well. First, let’s talk about Cadence. Yes, she did get stubborn and whiny at times, but I don’t blame her, due to everything she was going through. I really felt for her as she kept having to move, and also as she had to bubble up her big secrets. I could not imagine living a life like that! So, I think she was a pretty nice character inside, but it’s just that her circumstances were quite unfortunate.

Now, I’d like to talk about Sully. I loved his determination to be with Cadence and to figure out what’s been changing in her life. Reading the story, I could tell that he was a very loyal person, which showed in his persistence and curiosity for Cadence. In a way, this reminds me of Miles in Looking for Alaska and his persistence for Alaska, which, ironically, I am currently reading for school!😜 Anyway, I’d totally want Sully as a friend, that’s for sure!😊

Because of the secrets unravelled near the end of the book, I don’t really think this book would be suitable for tweens or younger teens (unless they are very mature). I don’t want to spoil anything as it wouldn’t be fair to those who haven’t read this book, but it is mature, so I’m just giving you a heads-up, and recommending that you only pick up this book if you’re fine with some mature themes.

Overall, I really liked most things about this book, which includes the characters, plot, and writing style, but I just think it could be a little shorter, as there were quite a few scenes I don’t think were necessary. Any who, if you’d like to take a peek into the lives of teen foster children, and are also on the lookout for great characters and beautiful writing, then don’t hesitate to read The Secrets We Kept!😊

Rating: 4/5 Stars

*I received a digital ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Mid-Autumn Festival Book Tag

Hi everyone!👋

It is currently fall where I am, and I couldn’t be happier! Fall is my all-time favourite season, and I look forward to it every year.

Anyway, I wasn’t tagged in this, but I wanted to do the Mid-Autumn Festival book tag, which is one of many autumn book tags that have been floating around the blogosphere. I give credit to Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much, as her blog is where I found this tag, which was created by Tinka @ thecrazyreader. Definitely go check them both out, and perhaps give them a follow!😊

So let’s get started!✌️✌️

Family Reunion: Name a book with family goals


The Memory Book by Lara Avery has a great family aspect! Sammie’s family supports her so much as she goes through all her struggles, and I think everyone deserves a family like hers❤️.

Full Moon: Name a book with a werewolf (this festival has nothing to do with werewolves; the only common things is the full moon)


Okay, confession time! I haven’t read too many fantasy books yet, and I have yet to read one with a werewolf. So, I have decided to steal Catia’s answer and say City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, even though I haven’t read it🙊.

Mooncakes: Name a kind of food in a book that you wish was real


I haven’t read too many books with fake foods, so I have chosen a book with lots of foods I’d like to try someday. I didn’t love Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff that Made Me Famous, but the recipes in there seemed SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!😛

Rabbit: Name your favourite creature from a book


Sirens seem so cool, and I’d love to read more about them! Kiera Cass, PLEASE write a sequel to The Siren!

Change: A Character that Makes a Significant Change to the Plot Since he/she did Something too Many Times.


I don’t know if this completely counts, but Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend by Katie Finn had tons and TONS of plot twists and changes. It was so riveting and kept me on the edge of my seat!😄

Lanterns: Name a Toy or Game in a Book that you Liked to Read About.


I really liked when the characters in Looking for Alaska by John Green played the best day, worst day game, because I believe it helped me get to know them on a whole new level. I’m currently reading this for school, and it’s AMAZING!😊

Autumn: Name a book which you feel is best to read in autumn


Because of the spooky vibe, I feel like readers would benefit most if they read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs this autumn (or generally, any autumn). The movie is in theatres now, so that’s even more of a reason to do so!

Festival: Name your favourite festival in a book


Actually, as I’m writing this, I’ve just finished a book with a festival in it, called The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love by Sarvenaz Tash. It mostly takes place at the New York Comic Con Festival, which is a pretty unique setting for a book, if I do say so myself😊.

I wasn’t tagged myself, so I am not going to be tagging anyone today, sorry! But 100000% feel free to participate if this appeals to you, and let me know if you do!😊

So tell me, have you read any of these books? Opinions? Do you LOVE fall?🍂 What books do you like to snuggle up with during the fall? Any good books you’ve read with werewolves? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜

Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff that Made Me Famous Review

About the book:


Title: Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff that Made Me Famous

Author: Kathryn Williams

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, young adult, middle grade

Goodreads Synopsis:

Can a spot on a teen reality show really lead to a scholarship at an elite cooking school AND a summer romance?

Sixteen-year-old Sophie Nicolaides was practically raised in the kitchen of her family’s Italian-Greek restaurant, Taverna Ristorante. When her best friend, Alex, tries to convince her to audition for a new reality show, Teen Test Kitchen, Sophie is reluctant. But the prize includes a full scholarship to one of America’s finest culinary schools and a summer in Napa, California, not to mention fame.

Once on-set, Sophie immediately finds herself in the thick of the drama—including a secret burn book, cutthroat celebrity judges, and a very cute French chef. Sophie must figure out a way to survive all the heat and still stay true to herself. A terrific YA offering–fresh, fun, and sprinkled with romance.

Source: Public library

How I Found Out About It: By browsing through books at the library😜


I was DESPERATE to find something to read, so I scoured my public library until I found something that looked the least bit appealing, and this is the random book I stumbled upon. Pizza? Reality shows? Cooking? Talk about a delicious read!

Unfortunately, this book didn’t really live up to my expectations. I expected it to be a super fun read, full of competition and romance, but what I got was mostly boringness and repetition.

Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff that Made Me Famous is basically about Sophie, who has practically been growing up in her family’s special restaurant. Her friend Alex gets her to try out for a cooking reality show for teens, and she gets in, even though she has to sacrifice her dad’s trust, and a life in the spotlight. On set, lots of drama occurs, and Sophie isn’t sure if she can trust herself or anyone else any longer. Will she be able to push through all the drama, as well as win the competition?

Guys, I am not very picky when it comes to my book characters, but I found that Sophie was an exception. I didn’t really like or care for her very much, to be honest. She made so many decisions that made me shake my head, one of which was very early in the story, when she betrayed her dad’s trust and lied to him in order to audition for the show. I know I wouldn’t do that to my parents, even if it’s for something I would die to do. Trust is what’s key in a relationship, especially with a parent, and in the story, Sophie just proved that she wasn’t very trustworthy.

Sophie also whined and complained a lotI mean, A LOTShe got into a super awesome teen culinary show, and she was barely happy AT ALL! Basically, all she did was complain. She was never satisfied with herself, her life, or her abilities as a cook.

Alex was a nice guy, though, and I felt like I liked him much more than the protagonist. He always supported and cared a lot for Sophie, which I like a lot in book characters.

This book claims to be a romance read, but I honestly don’t think it really is. There are literally one or two scenes that are even the least bit romantic, but that’s it. The book mostly focuses on the cooking and show drama, rather than anything else.

Pushing aside everything I didn’t really love, I really enjoyed that there were recipes included in this book. They seemed quite easy and fun to make, and best yet, they are like the meals made in Sophie’s family restaurant, so you can literally get a taste of their background!

I also enjoyed the ending, as things were wrapped up quite well, and most of the problems from onset were coherently solved.

Overall, I guess this book was just okay. It did make me hungry for Italian food, though, which was a plus! I’d recommend it to any tweens or teens looking for a cute book that will make you hungry, because this is the one! Check it out, and maybe you’ll enjoy it and connect to the protagonist more than I did!

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Sunshine Blogger Award 4.0


Hi everyone!😄

You guessed it, today I’m back with yet another Sunshine Blogger Award. Thanks so much to Niraja @ Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them for my fourth nomination!❤️

She is actually one of my most active followers; liking and commenting on almost all of my posts, so thanks again for that, Niraja!😊Her blog also rocks, and I summon you to go check it out now, before continuing on with this post😎.

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 5 bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions to answer.

Now, here are my answers to Niraja’s questions:

1.Name the last song that was stuck in your head?

Okay, I admit, I always have a song stuck in my head, and it tends to get really random sometimes. Right now, I have Die Young by Ke$ha stuck in my head, even though for the life of me, I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard it. I usually find that older songs get stuck in my head a lot, rather than newer ones that are all over the radio.


(Source: Google)

2.What is/are your favourite books?

Okay, there are a lot, LOL!😂Some of my ultimate favourites, though, are basically anything by Morgan Matson, anything by Kiera Cass, Wonder by R.J. Palacio, Stones on a Grave by Kathy Kacer, Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon, the Girl Online series by Zoe Sugg, and even more!

3.What is your favourite season?

Lucky for me, I am currently in that season, which is FALL!🍂I love the colours, I love the start of a fresh, new, school year, I love the weather, I love Halloween, and I love basically everything about it!❤️

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 1.32.49 PM.png

4.What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is magenta. That wasn’t the most accurate representation of it, so just look at the background colour of my blog if you’d like to see what exactly it looks like!

5.What is a movie you’ll never get tired of re-watching?

Inside Out, I guess? I’m not sure, I am not a huge movie watcher.


(Source: Google)

6.What is a book you’ll never get tired of re-reading?

Confession time: I don’t love re-reading books. If I already know a story and what happens, then I don’t really feel a need to read it again, when there are SO MANY new stories waiting to be discovered. But if I had to choose, I guess I’d say Wonder by R.J. Palacio, since it is one I’ve read twice, and really enjoyed both times.😊


7.Do you make New Years’ resolutions, and do you stick to them?

My answer for both questions is sometimes. I think I’ve been sticking to my resolutions for this year quite well, but I don’t set them every year, let alone keep at them.😛

8.What is one goal you have in life?

This is not one of my realistic life goals, but you know, I am a book blog, so one of my goals is to read ALL THE YA BOOKS. Hehe. There is seldom chance that will happen😂.

9.What is your favourite word?

I have many, but one of my favourites is labradoodle. I love dogs, and it just sounds cute and funny, so why not?🐶


(Source: Google, I give credit to the photographer)

10.If you could rewrite any book, what book would it be and how would you rewrite it?

Hmm, this is a toughie! But what I have in mind is a book you’ve probably never heard of, Caught in the Crossfire by Alan Gibbons. I expected it to be a really good, diverse coming-of-age book about the events following the 9/11, but instead, all I got was blah. It was soooooo boring, and it barely talked about the 9/11 at all! I was really looking forward to learning more about it, and how it changed everyone’s lives. I wasn’t born yet when it happened, so I’d probably get someone more knowledgeable of the topic to rewrite the book with more information, as well as make it a little less boring.


11.Give five amazing bloggers a shout-out, and share the love!❤️

These will actually be my nominations as well, as I will only be nominating 5 today:

  1. Alyssa @ pucksandpaperbacks
  2. Sara @ A Gingerly Review
  3. Alisha’s words of wonder
  4. Eliza @ duskangelreads
  5. Chelsea @ The Suspense is Thrilling Me

As per usual, it’s completely fine with me if you don’t feel like participating, but I would really love to see your answers!❤️

My questions:

  1. If your region is currently in spring, what are you doing this summer? Or if not, what did you do this past summer?
  2. How many physical books do you own?
  3. Under what circumstances would you DNF a book?
  4. What was the last movie you saw in theatres? Did you enjoy it?
  5. What are your favourite and least favourite things about blogging?
  6. Tell me a teaser sentence from the book you’re currently reading!
  7. What device do you use to write your blog posts (computer, phone, etc.)?
  8. Tell me a little known fact about you that no other bloggers know.
  9. If you could travel anywhere in the world right this instant, where would you go, and why?
  10. What song is stuck in your head right now? (if any)
  11. I personally love the idea of giving a shoutout to 5 bloggers, so go ahead and spread the love like confetti!😊

So tell me, what would your answers be to these questions? Do you like the idea of giving shoutouts to other bloggers? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜


Holding Up the Universe Review

About the book:


Title: Holding Up the Universe

Author: Jennifer Niven

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, romance, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

Everyone thinks they know Libby Strout, the girl once dubbed “America’s Fattest Teen.” But no one’s taken the time to look past her weight to get to know who she really is. Following her mom’s death, she’s been picking up the pieces in the privacy of her home, dealing with her heartbroken father and her own grief. Now, Libby’s ready: for high school, for new friends, for love, and for every possibility life has to offer. In that moment, I know the part I want to play here at MVB High. I want to be the girl who can do anything. 

Everyone thinks they know Jack Masselin, too. Yes, he’s got swagger, but he’s also mastered the impossible art of giving people what they want, of fitting in. What no one knows is that Jack has a newly acquired secret: he can’t recognize faces. Even his own brothers are strangers to him. He’s the guy who can re-engineer and rebuild anything, but he can’t understand what’s going on with the inner workings of his brain. So he tells himself to play it cool: Be charming. Be hilarious. Don’t get too close to anyone.

Until he meets Libby. When the two get tangled up in a cruel high school game—which lands them in group counseling and community service—Libby and Jack are both pissed, and then surprised. Because the more time they spend together, the less alone they feel. Because sometimes when you meet someone, it changes the world, theirs and yours.

Source: Public library

How I Found Out About It: Blogging


As I was reading this book, I felt, in a way, like I was holding up the universe.

Holding up the Universe was absolutely astonishing. I totally understand all the hype it’s been getting, and All the Bright Places has been moved higher up on my TBR list, now that I loved a book by the same author.

To sum up, this book follows the POVs of high school students Libby, who is overweight, and Jack, who is face-blind. Others haven’t really taken the time to get to know them in depth, even though they think they have. The two first cross paths at school, and then they bond through realizing that they are able to open up to each other quite easily, even despite their struggles.

I felt so bad for Libby while I was reading this story. She had been going through so much, and all people do is bully her, just because of her weight. It gave her anxiety, and she was barely able to leave home because of it. She was a very loyal and kind girl, though. I could tell how much she cared about others, but others just didn’t seem to care about how loyal she could be. I feel like she deserved way more, socially, than what she was getting.

Jack could get annoying at times, but in all honesty, I really loved his character as well. He, too, was going through a lot, and the worst thing was, he had kept it a secret, so no one knew about it and thus was unable to help him. His face blindness put a lot of limits on who he could trust and talk to since he obviously couldn’t recognize anyone, but regardless of the fact, he was still super nice!

I really liked the bond between Libby and Jack. Unlike some other bloggers, I don’t think it was forced at all. I think they were actually meant to be, because I could totally hear the ‘click‘ when they first met! Their ship really sails in my book, and I hope Jennifer Niven releases some more about them and their amazing relationship, like maybe a novella.

This book had so many morals, and I could list a whole bunch. I think the main one, though, is that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, like the students at school were doing to Libby and Jack. If you judge someone based on how they seem, then you don’t know the real deal. You don’t know what they’re going through at home. Even if they tell their friends mean jokes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they themselves are mean. I think that what people should take from this story is that you shouldn’t judge someone until you’ve actually gotten to know them, and then you can form an opinion.

Overall, I loved the story, the characters, the morals, and basically EVERYTHING about this book. I’d recommend that anyone wanting a thought-provoking high school romance picks this book up now, because you will devour it!

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars