ARC Review: M.I.N.D.: Mental Invasive Neurological Disorder

About the book:


Title: M.I.N.D.: Mental Invasive Neurological Disorder

Author: Elissa Harris

Genre & Age Group: Science fiction, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

Imagine skydiving or bungee-jumping or snowboarding down a glacier-and you never have to leave your room. Imagine being sixteen and hooking up with the crush-of-your-life, and you never have to put on lip gloss. Meet Cassie Stewart, who can project her mind into other people at will. She sees what they see, feels what they feel, but she can’t read their thoughts. It’s a wild ride, but harmless. Or so she thinks. Until a fatal hit-and-run makes Cassie realize she is in a unique position to help solve the crime. It’s exhilarating to use your talent to help others, and, yeah, an enormous power trip as well. But what if something goes wrong and you can’t get back? What if the body you’re trapped in is committing a murder-and the person he’s murdering is you?

Source: Thanks so much to Poisoned Pen Press for providing me with an e-ARC of this book via Netgalley!

How I Found Out About It: Netgalley


At first glimpse, M.I.N.D. seemed like a really intriguing book with such a cool concept! I’ve never read about a character who can see and feel what others can, and it just seemed so awesome. Though this book did get interesting at times, I have to say that enjoyment-wise, it just fell short for me.

To synopsize, this book is about Cassie, who, when she chooses to, can see and feel what other people can see and feel. It seems totally harmless at first, even to Cassie herself. But when a hit-and-run occurs involving one of her best friends, Cassie wants to try to look into the crime… will she be able to find out who did it and why, using her super-sonic senses?

I found that Cassie was quite an interesting character, as well as amazingly thought-out. I really liked the determination and courage she showed throughout the book during the events following the hit-and-run, and in my opinion, she seemed to always stay strong! Like many characters in sci-fi books, she still had flaws, like her decision-making skills, but she is honestly such an amazing female lead. From beginning to end, she also went through a lot of mindset changes, which were all for the better. I think she’d make an amazing role model for anyone who reads this story.

This book had a drop of romance around the ending, but it was only a tiny, tiny fraction of the story, and it was cute, to say the least. I just wish there was more of it! Maybe if the author writes a sequel, there will be…?

Overall, this was a good story, but it didn’t completely capture my interest. I’d recommend it to sci-fi lovers wanting a story with an interesting concept and a brave female lead, because this is definitely the one for you! Be sure to give it a read, because I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Rating: 3/5 Stars


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