Hiatus :(

Hey everyone,

In case you haven’t noticed, lately I haven’t been posting as much as I normally do- and this is partly because of a blogging burnout. I have also been really busy with schoolwork, social life, family life, and just life in general, so I have been tight on the time I need to read and blog. With that being said, I think I’ll be needing to take a break from blogging for about a month or two. It hurts a lot to have to do this, but whenever I do have the time to sit down and write a blog post, my mind just isn’t there, you know? I am planning to return to the blogosphere after my exams are over at the end of June, but it may be a bit earlier or later depending on how much reading I get done and how eager I am to blog. Thank you all so much for understanding! I’ll be back before you know it😘

Love, Kayla💜

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